Questions to Ask Your Client Before Starting a UX Project

Before accepting a project, it is important that you get to know your client and their requirements. You need to ask the right questions to be able to put together a clear picture on what they want and whether you are the right designer for them. Without this information, you will not be able to design a logo or website accurately for them. You should never quote a particular client for a project without knowing what it all entails.

Here are some questions you should ask when meeting with a prospective client:

What is Your Company’s Reputation?

The reputation of a company is everything, especially for a company that deals with an online presence. Presumably, your clients will be such companies as they come to you for help in designing a website, logo and/or app. You need to come up with a logo or site that reflects your clients’ business reputation.

For instance, if the current reputation of your client is that their business is struggling because of negative feedback, then you might want to take an approach in the project that attracts positiveness. These are some of the elements that can greatly affect the general design.


What are the Major Pain-points of the Existing Version?

In the case where you are redesigning a current app or website, it is almost certain that the app or website contains at least one thing that your clients don’t like. Try to find out the particular areas that your client wants to change and put in extra effort to bring an improvement to those areas in the redesign you are carrying out. Sometimes, clients want these areas changed in a specific way, so be sure to ask your client if they have any concrete ideas on what the redesigned product should look like.

What Is Your Target Audience?

This is an extremely important question. Try to have a deep understanding of the type of audience your customer is trying to target. In some cases, you will find that your client is trying to redefine and expand their general customer base or they may be trying to steer away from the type of clients they currently attract and make a move to a new niche. It doesn’t matter whichever direction they are taking; just make sure you get the current target audience right. The key to the success and development of the design you are carrying out will greatly depend on the exact audience your client is targeting.

These are just some of the questions that UX designers should ask their clients. There are, of course, many more questions that you can and should ask your clients. These three are simply meant to give you an idea of what designers should know about their clients.

Some UX design firms have a standard set of questions that clients must answer that will cover all these. However, if you are a freelance designer, or even one working in an agency, ensure that you have sufficient understanding of your client and what they want you to do before embarking on your project.


Why Prototyping is Important In UX Design

Do you try UI/UX design in interesting ways? Is it true that you are a UI/UX designer who starts by creating prototypes? Whether you’re an apprentice or running a UX companies Singapore, you need to know some prototyping devices that are useful for designing your end result.

The presentation

If you have chosen to develop your UI/UX design vocation, you should consider understanding the importance of creating prototypes in your industry. Prototyping is an essential part of the proper functioning of a site. It is a demonstration of a site or application that gives an idea of ​​how it might look like a defined element.

Creating and updating items for templates can be adjusted gradually when you hire a UX mobile designer. In addition, for the prototyping task to be dynamic and advantageous, designers can access many prototyping devices. However, the accessibility of a large number of UI/UX prototyping devices is often problematic for creators, and a dual skill can be achieved with much of the effort.

To help you, we have registered the best prototyping tools used by the best design organizations.


Flinto allows designers to create an intuitive model for desktop applications and, in addition, mobile. The capabilities of the instrument on the simplified philosophy. The best part of this capable device is that mobile clients can quickly test their model as an app on their mobile phone. The changes can also be seen all the time.


This powerful instrument enhances the prototyping process by allowing designers to build attractive base models. You do not have to dial a single bit of code. The device is an ideal way to create basic navigation charts, sitemaps as well as element content, customer flows, activities, math capabilities, and information-based connections.


Ask yourself

Wonder creates templates for sites, mobile apps, and the web by building screens specifically on the instrument. You can also include image records from Photoshop or Sketch. The device allows the use of movements, movements, and movements to change the compositions of your static site in smart models.



Quickly make and adapt local models on current devices with the Form instrument. Join the most up-to-date website composition segments, such as materials design, touch modulations, level design, and bring your design models to as many people as possible. This extraordinary device helps you run designs on the device at 60 is, saving you time and energy.



InVision, an exceptional prototyping step, is also a joint effort step along with an easy-to-understand interface that allows creators to transfer website developer usage records, integrate signals, alertness and 3D impacts to produce models. Interactive and very intuitive. You can also get reviews for your models at the moment.

A perfect device for creating intuitive, charming and highly devotional web and mobile templates. offers creators a lot of implicit formats and user interface components that can help them create ridiculous things that look and work exactly the way their latest business should.



ForeUI is an easy-to-understand prototyping tool that allows you to use UX design agency Singapore designers to make models and models less demanding and faster. You can also create natural flowcharts to represent your models. ForeUI facilitates the evaluation of design ideas, exchange of ideas and tests.


If your product needs to be battery powered, in addition to defining the battery technology and the number of hours of energy storage in the batteries, you also need to determine whether the design of a rechargeable battery is feasible, or have the user replace them.


Once the electronic design and circuit board design is complete, mechanical packaging designs and external cabinets can be finalized and the initial software development can be completed. Now is the time to assemble and test a prototype and make decisions regarding the production of the first prototypes. Options include ordering all components and assembling the prototype product in the company if you have experience in assembling, outsourcing the prototyping process to a national contract manufacturing company, or outsourcing the prototyping process to a company. electronic outsourcing company established abroad. If you do not have the experience or equipment to properly assemble the prototypes, you need to list the companies that can meet your prototyping and production needs, and begin the process of identifying your best options.


In addition to identifying who will assemble the prototype units, you must also identify which option you will use to build the production units. Options include manufacturing the units yourself, outsourcing the assembly of units outside with a national service or outsourcing unit assembly with an electronics manufacturing service provider. abroad. If you plan to use an externally manufactured source, consider that some companies are specialized in specialized low-volume assemblies, such as prototypes or initial production, but are not able to support cost-effectively high volume production levels due to capacity limitations. Other companies are in the opposite spectrum and specialize only in high volumes. From your point of view, the number of units that would represent a high volume of production may not be large enough to attract some interest from a strictly strict manufacturer. You must also take into account the delivery times from the receipt of your purchase order to choose an external assembly source.


Another important factor to consider in this assessment process for electronic manufacturing service providers is the design assistance they can provide during the product development process. Services such as electronic design and PCB design, component selection and procurement process with support for multiple supply components, envelope design, mechanical package design and capacity Production, prototyping at low and large volumes, can be very useful. for you. In addition, a contracted electronics manufacturer may also provide suggestions to improve manufacturing capacity, reduce component costs, and improve product reliability. Make sure you have an appropriate non-disclosure agreement with all parties involved in this process to protect your intellectual property.


You must also define how the manufactured product will be tested and packaged. Once the product has been prototyped and successfully tested, it is important to determine the number of units that will be manufactured for initial production and volume manufacturing levels. You also need to understand the number of distribution levels the product goes through (each level experiencing a reduction in margins) before the consumer buys it.


If you are an inventor or have a good idea of ​​an electronic product, I do not want to discourage you, but you should consider all of these activities and the costs associated with them before you commit to the thousands of dollars needed to design and create a prototype of your product idea.

Is It Different Working For A Graphic Style Company?

A graphic developer is crucial to the smooth procedure of your visuals layout agency and the style procedure. Now there is a much boosted use in computer graphics, however, there is still a requirement for the designers. They are expected to meet the requirements of their customers whilst offering their operate in an efficient as well as appealing manner which will certainly  profit the customer. A designer is an artist; nevertheless unlike a musician they primarily only develop art for a purpose. This is since they have to fulfill the requirements of the customers so they can be some limitations often.

A marketing campaign so it is necessary that it looks excellent

This is usually due to the fact that they are functioning towards a marketing campaign so it is necessary that it looks excellent in order for the visuals designer to make money and likewise the marketing strategies of the client. This is where the difference lies, art and other sorts of art do not always have a point and the artist will have cost-free reign to discover their work, however there are typically constraints regarding what a developer can do when it come to this. Helping a style firm suggests that a designer will have to guarantee that all their work fulfills the criteria of the client as well as will be fit for function.

One of the good ideas concerning helping a design company is the amount of variant you will certainly obtain when it concerns your job, no two tasks will certainly ever before coincide significance it will certainly constantly be new. Every client that you work for will have various demands as well as demands and it will certainly be your work to tailor your operate in order to fit these requirements, this indicates that you will certainly always have something new to service maintaining your work varied and fascinating.

It is nonetheless vital that the designer understands what their job is intended to attain in order to fulfill the needs of their clients, if they do this well after that they could locate that they are encouraging repeat trade.

Even if it is something as uninteresting as double polishing sites


2 of the key skills a designer will certainly need of they want to be utilized by a design company is imagination and also talent. These are one of the most valued attributes in a visuals developer. You need to be able to have a good creative imagination in order to come up with fresh ideas that will certainly entice the clients right into returning. Even if it is something as uninteresting as double polishing sites. the very best thing about being a visuals developer however, is the freedom you get to use your creativity everyday with something different. Some tasks will require them to function to certain requirements but also for the most component they have cost-free power to experiment with a site, specifically enjoyment media. There are couple of task that can be as differed as a graphic developer working for a graphic layout agency.

Specialist Web Design Company

If you own a business and also do not have a site then it may be time to reassess your business approach. Any effective service requires to have a web site that can harness the complete potential of the Net. A web site stands for the business brand name and photo. Be it a static website or a completely functional vibrant internet site the web traffic will only aid develop your organisation.


An expert internet agency can offer solutions that are aimed at enhancing your company. These firms will certainly important link develop an effective website for you and also if you already have one that is not aiding your company after that they can analyze and redo the whole internet site for you. The services provided by a website design firm includes domain registration, web hosting, layout and also development, and site promoting.

Searching as well as signing up domain names

The web design firm will carry out a search for domain that verify to your service design as well as firm name. You can select from a listing of domain which is after that signed up by the agency in your place.

If required the website design agency can build your brand name from scratch, Online branding is one more solutions that is targeted at boosting the business.

Style and also Growth

A web design agency will produce a web site that satisfies your requirements. They will provide you with drafts and examples that can be transformed according to your firm vision. The firm will analyze business as well as target market to construct the design as well as web content of the internet site. The site can have different internet parts and also functions that will make it attract attention from your competitors.

Webhosting services

The web design agencies will certainly be able to provide you large amounts from reliable and also cost effective host service providers. The internet site performance will certainly be checked and maintenance is likewise done by the agency.

Marketing and also sales


Website design firms not just establish sites, they make certain that your website offers you much better returns and also achieves sales targets conveniently. They carry out a number of advertising and marketing methods like social networks advertising and marketing, email marketing, banner advertisements and seo and also marketing.

Crucial Inquiries To Ask a Website Design Company Prior To Making a Decision

Selecting a web design firm is not always a simple job. Website design is a substantial industry as well as you will certainly locate big web marketing agencies to tiny freelance designers all competing to assist you delight in a properly made website which caters to your one-of-a-kind audience and supplies you keeping that specialist image you are looking to achieve.


One of the very first concerns you are going to wish to ask any web design firm is to see samples. This need to be something you do previously meeting them or employing their services. They can email you samples or even visit this page route you to web sites they have finished. This gives you a concept on their layout style, their technical capabilities in making the site useful and their focus on attention to detail.

You will additionally intend to talk to a few of their past customers. A company that is unwilling to share this info is one to be worried concerning. The company needs to be proud of the job they have actually finished and also be greater than happy to share their success with you. Even after speaking to a few of their past customers, you may wish to still do you very own research study, inputting the company name into your online search engine and undergoing the outcomes, visiting independent review sites and researching straightforward customer experiences.

Meet the website design company or speak with them on the phone so you can make personal contract with them. This provides you some added assurance. You intend to inquire to reveal or tell you about some website they think about as their favourites. You can utilize this details to aid you recognize on the type of internet site you can anticipate, the degree of expertise as well as focus to detail carried out when it pertains to your brand-new site.

Ask the company about the technology that they mean using on your site. This will certainly provide you some suggestion on what your site will be able to make use of. They may intend to supply you with a flash site, which is quick as well as effective. These are things you need to recognize that will aid you make your choice over time.

Make certain that any web design firm you select will concentrate on search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization). Search Engine Optimization is important to helping you accomplish a good ranking in search engine result. This might be what you require to get along in your market, control your competitors and attain success in the future.

It is crucial when you have a site created that it has good firewall defense. You require to recognize the website design firm you picked will certainly focus on your safety and also the safety of your clients by putting safety measures in position to protect your website versus cyberpunks, maintaining it safe as well as secure whatsoever times.

Speak with them regarding copyright and also plagiarism. Make sure that they do needed checks and also tests to guarantee that they do not copyright any one of the work. You need to recognize your website is one hundred percent distinct, developed particularly to satisfy your target market and also assist you construct your service right into an on-line empire progressing.

An extremely essential question to ask prior to you join the populated line is to ensure that you will certainly be the owner of the internet site, once it is completed as well as you have paid for it. This is extremely essential as some web design agencies preserve the possession civil liberties of the website, which implies they can offer it again in the future, not something you want to have happen at a later phase.